Technical Requirements



We have between three and six musicians on stage, depending on availability and repertoire. Musicians require table space for their computers and equipment. We can perform standing up with high tables or, if the tables are low, will also require chairs. We must have access to electricity on stage.


BiLE prefers to use one speaker per performer and thus require between three to six speakers (powered or with amplifiers), depending on how many are on stage. We also need stands for these speakers. If the venue is within the UK, we can bring our own speakers, if required. The size of speaker we require depends on the size of the venue. In some art galleries we’ve played in, we’ve used Genelec 1029s.


Bile can perform with or without video projections. If we are performing with video, we need a projection screen and an off-stage table and chair for our video artist. If the venue is outside the UK, we will also need the venue to provide a projector. Inside the UK, we prefer to borrow one from the venue, but can provide our own if required.