Performance in Liverpool – 15th May / 5-7pm

BiLE are embarking on their first adventure outside of Birmingham on Sunday with our first gig in Liverpool!

We’ll be giving an informal performance with audience participation as part of the monthly Electroacoustic Compostion Forum at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Church Road, Wavertree, L15. You can find out more concert and venue details here:


The performance will feature a selection of pieces by composers from BiLE: Julien Guillamat, Jorge Garcia Moncada and Charles Celeste Hutchins as well as our versions of network music classic Stuck Note by Scot Lancaster-Gresham of The Hub and Right Durations from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s collection of text pieces Aus den Sieben Tagen.

Here’s a sneak preview of our performance of Stockhausen’s Right Durations from our rehearsal last week:



Live Improv Rehearsal – Right Durations by Bile

We’re really looking forward to it and hope to see some new faces at the concert!

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